Alderney Gate Library unveils new public art work piece | Arts + Custom | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Downtown Dartmouth has no shortage of attention-grabbing, neck-craning, selfie-worthy artworks—the sorts of things that imbue a method of place and make the regularly the entire further thought-about.

As of Friday, though, these murals and story-high quotes purchased some agency: Alderney Gate Library debuted a bit of public art work, located above its newly revamped foremost lobby house (tucked inside Alderney Landing).

The eternal, untitled piece was created by Halifax artist Jason Skinner from library discards. It’s a flock of 42 gulls—some in flight, some perched—that may, as Skinner put it in an Instagram submit,”welcome[e] ferry riders, market goers and library patrons alike.”

Halifax Public Libraries and city put out a reputation for artists to submit proposals for public art work installations in November of 2021. Skinner’s not new to massive scale installations, having created the raised mural on Blowers Avenue that depicts a lot of city-dwellers in movement (alongside completely different works, along with numerous large-scale chalk drawings).

An identical different for an skilled, native artist was launched by city ultimate week when it put out a reputation for proposals for the model new aquatic facility that’s being constructed on the Halifax Frequent. The deadline for submissions is September 19, 2022.

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