Bringing business expertise and genuine leadership to Harrisburg

Having grown up myself, and raising a family in Upper Moreland, there is no better place to live and work — which is why I feel so strongly about our area’s representation at the state level. Working many years at my family’s business Weinrich Bakery and then as a Realtor, I have gotten to know and spoken with countless residents, neighbors, and friends. I have been listening to my fellow neighbors’ thoughts and concerns for decades and feel that I have a deep understanding of our district’s needs and wishes, because they are mine as well.

Now more than ever, with the economy and inflation being at the forefront of all our minds, we need a candidate with established common-sense business expertise and genuine leadership to represent us in Harrisburg. Presently, we are facing historically high priced levels of basic food, lending interest rates, gas fill ups, rent, heating oil, and everyday items. I will utilize every business skill I possess to address the issues adversely impacting our daily lives. The approach will be to maximize every taxpayer dollar and reduce the tax burden to each member of the district.

I got into this race because increasing, I was seeing our senior citizens and young people not being able to afford to live and stay in their very own house while struggling to pay the ever-increasing school taxes. Purchasing your own home is a major part of the American dream, but currently inaccessible to too many hard-working people. As an active Realtor for over 28 years, I see this unfortunate scenario time and time again with my clients. We need to fund our schools, but forcing the homeowner to pay the lion’s share of the operating cost is unacceptable! I will work diligently to pass the Senate Bill 76 that actually increases school funding, and spreads the operational costs to all taxpayers, instead of just the homeowners. I will not rest until our PA school real estate tax burden is eased.

Change of routine is always a challenge, but inaction is more painful. Send John Weinrich to Harrisburg and I will fight the frivolous spending of our hard-earned dollars. Having been self-employed during my entire work life, I know how to balance a budget and stretch dollars. I am prepared to give it my all and hope to be on the appropriations committee in Harrisburg. After speaking to thousands of people in the district over the last 10 months, I can confidently say our constituency is more than ready to embrace new approaches for the direction of our government.

We all need to work together, and we can and will accomplish monumental achievements for our community!

This article originally appeared on The Intelligencer: Weinrich: Bringing business expertise, genuine leadership to Harrisburg