Home Staging Before and After

This condo was ready to go on the market. The only problem? It’s vacant. Contrary to popular belief, a vacant listing doesn’t appear to be larger. It often appears smaller. The other problem? A vacant property stays on the market longer. Why? Because 90% of buyers are unable to envision the space. Check out this home staging before and after transformation.

In this blog, I will be explain the process of what’s involved in a vacant home staging. Not only do we see the before and after transformation, but also everything that happens in between in order to turn this condo into a marketable product.

The Before Story

before. Pretty dreamy

As I mentioned, we needed to get this condo market ready. It’s a beautiful condo in the Ottawa area, but it was vacant. My job as a home stager requires me to make sure this happens. Not only that, I need to create an inviting space that buyers can envision themselves in.

GOALS: In this case, I was working with a realtor, Jane Scott. She needed to get this condo ready for her client. Of course, the goals are the same: to get this property sold and for maximum profit.

Bringing the Project Together

Staging Day!
Staging Day

The process starts with a visit to the condo with Jane. From there, I get an idea of ​​the scope but as well as Jane’s desires for the final product. It’s a cozy condo, that’s less than 10 years old so it has all modern amenities– but needs that homey touch that you’re not going to get from an empty room. Then I take measurements and start getting an idea of ​​what we need to do and bring in. Following the consult, is a trip to National Furniture where the sourcing begins. I take my estimate, and begin factoring in additional costs of not only my time, but as well as the additional accessories that we need. Once the final estimate is approved, and everything is booked, the fun begins. I start picking out accessories from own personal inventory that I think will work in the space. I need to take into account not only the style, but the existing colours. Often times, I will have what I need, but sometimes I will need to supplement in order to create the my final vision. In this case, I ended up purchasing the throw cushions and the picture to complete the look. No big deal, as shopping for decor is what I do and I was excited by my finds!

The After Reveal

After! Photo courtesy of Lynn Eiias

The final product! Suffice it to say, I was quite pleased with the end result. As this is a two bedroom condo, and space is a commodity, I needed to find furniture that fit the room without eating up the space. In this case I found a mid-century modern gray loveseat but also used a glass top dinette along with a coffee table end tables. It’s ideal as you do not want heavy dark furniture that is going to “weigh” down the room.

A Happy, New Beginning

In the end, it was a win-win-win situation for everyone involved! Jane was thrilled with the final product, the sellers were thrilled at the quick sale–1 day on market!– and I was thrilled because it was another opportunity to do what I love!

I love before and after transformations, because it really illustrates what a difference staging can make to the overall appeal of your home. And the cost? Far, far less than your first price reduction. If you need help getting your home show ready, we are happy to help!

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