Legal aid lawyers in Quebec hold half-day strike

A group of legal aid lawyers is going on strike for half a day on Monday, while the renewal of their collective agreement remains unresolved with the Quebec government.

The group is made up of lawyers attached to the CSN-affiliated Fédération des professionnels, who were on strike in the morning after they walked out earlier this month.

In mid-June, lawyers in the Montreal-Laval, Bas Saint-Laurent-Gaspésie and Laurentides-Lanaudière regions also voted in favor of another strike mandate, this time for seven days, to be exercised at the appropriate time.

The other group, the Fédération des avocates et avocats de l’aide juridique, a group independent of the central labor bodies that has 210 members, has still not concluded the renewal of its collective agreement either.

Both organizations are seeking parity in pay with criminal prosecutors.

— This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on June 27, 2022.