Mental Health Month: Supporting LoveBrum

Mental health awareness week takes place from 9th -15th May and this year the theme is loneliness. Loneliness is an emotion that is rarely talked about openly and many people suffer in silence. The ONS reported that between 3rd April and 3rd May 2020, around 2.6 million adults in the UK reported that they felt lonely ‘often’ or ‘always’. After almost 2 years of lockdowns and social distancing, the pandemic has had a huge impact on our mental health overall and loneliness is rising as a result.

At Prosperity Wealth, we understand that as an organization we have a responsibility to our team, clients, and community to be open and positive about mental health and wellbeing. And as patrons of Birmingham charity Love Brum, we’re proud to be supporting their Mental Health May.

What is LoveBrum?

“LoveBrum is a registered charity that supports hidden gem projects across Birmingham that are often volunteer-led and that deliver real change, with outcomes that can be seen, measured, enjoyed, and loved.”

LoveBrum aims to unite businesses and individuals across Birmingham, so everyone can benefit. They support Birmingham based events, fundraising and volunteer projects to raise money and awareness for the causes they support. It’s the members who choose which projects get selected, so the local community is supporting the projects that really matter to them.

Each month, members vote on the cause they feel deserves to receive valuable funding. All causes can continue to feature on LoveBrum so they will get the chance to secure funding and support in the future. The winner receives valuable funding as well as 12-month business and marketing support to help their project grow.

If you or someone you know is suffering from loneliness, you can find support and advice from the Mental Health Foundation here.

How Prosperity Wealth is supporting LoveBrum

We became patrons of LoveBrum last year and we are proud to be supporting the work they do, but it doesn’t stop there. As part of helping LoveBrum achieve its goal of supporting hidden gem projects across Birmingham, we encourage our team to get involved with the volunteering projects across the region.

We all have mental health and for most of us, it fluctuates throughout our lives. With this year’s theme of being lonely, we will all be making an extra effort to check in on family, friends, and colleagues this week to start a conversation that could spark positive change. We are always looking for more ways that we, as an organization can support our local community and in May, we will be focusing on Mental Health and the practical steps we can take to improve it.

“We pride ourselves on having a close team who feel comfortable and safe in their work environment.” said Joe Billingham, chairman. “We encourage our team to speak openly about their mental health and well-being and want to provide a support network where when we ask, ‘How are you?” we really mean it.”

We are proud to be patrons of LoveBrum and we will continue to support the work they do. You can find out more about the work LoveBrum is doing across Birmingham here.

Here are some links to find help and support for mental health and loneliness:

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