My Stock Report Card for Jan – Dec 2021 (Passed 2.6 Mil Profit !)

My Stock Report Card for Jan- Dec 2021 (Passed 2.6 Mil Profit)

US Stocks

US Stock 2021-12-09

SG Stocks

SG Stock 2021-12-09

Total Passive Income Collected Between Jan – Nov 2021 : SGD 33,055

Total Profit / Loss from Sales of Stocks between Jan – Nov 2021 : SGD 0

Stocks added between Jan – Dec 2021 : Airbnb, Amazon, Coinbase, Crowdstrike, Didi, Fiverr, Grab, Paypal, Pinduoduo, Ping An, Palantir, SEA, Shopify, Square, Teledoc, Tesla, Unity, Upstart, Vmware, Zoom

Long Time No See !

Hello, it’s been awhile. Hope everyone is coping well in this never ending covid saga. If you haven’t taken the jab, WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR !!! Many readers have beeped me privately to ask whether I am still alive so I thought I’d better drop by to say hello.

Anyway, despite the pandemic, my portfolio has finally passed the $2.6 million profit milestone. Last week was quite a roller coaster ride isn’t it. As you can see, I haven’t been very disciplined lately due to FOMO so I have been severely punished. Need to do some serious weeding in the coming months.

China Common Prosperity ?

Grandpa Xi recently rocked the market with the “common prosperity” ambition. Many of the interesting China IPOs, Technology, Education and Insurance sectors have been impacted. I found it sad that founders are punished instead of being applauded for what they’ve done for their country. China is in fact the most successful digital transformation case study in the world.

Some of the western analysts have rated China as “uninvestable”. I am watching this space cautiously. Hopefully, grandpa wouldn’t take the extreme route and can effectively contain the looming property crisis. I also pray that US & China can find a peaceful way to prosper together.

What I have been listening lately :

Till next time, stay safe, healthy and happy!

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