The weirdest AI paintings however created using DALL E 2

The net was already an odd place, nevertheless it is instantly develop to be even stranger because of the explosion of weird AI paintings created by image generators paying homage to DALL E 2, MidJourney and Craiyon. From uncommon cartoon cross-breeds to surreal meals and apocalyptic selfies, DALL E 2 and others to numerous ranges of success truly do seem to have the power to create any weird AI paintings you might describe of their quick containers.

In any case DALL E 2 and totally different AI paintings generators don’t contemplate this stuff themselves. They run the written quick they’re given by way of the a whole lot of 1000’s of images and captions they’ve been fed. So the outcomes are solely as weird as prospects’ imaginations. There are lots of existential concerns concerning the place that’s all going and what it means for artists, nevertheless AI won’t be taking on the world and turning us into slaves however. we hope.