Why the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter is a Hotspot for Student Buy-to-Let Investment

The Knowledge Quarter is the focus of some of Liverpool’s largest regeneration schemes, with millions being poured into the area over the coming years.

Beginning in 2016 and set to be completed by 2025, there has been over £1 billion worth of regeneration pumped into the Knowledge Quarter with a further £1 billion set to be invested into the area in the coming years.

This has included brand new buildings for Liverpool’s science, medicine and technology sectors, as well as additional facilities for the city’s universities.

One of the headlining regeneration schemes is Paddington Village, a massive new development space for technology, science, education and health. The 1.8m sq. ft. space is home to the Royal College of Physicians’ first location outside of London, sure to draw in new students to Liverpool.

In addition to this, brand-new office spaces and business locations will bring hundreds of new jobs to the area, so there will be lots of work available for students living in the Knowledge Quarter.

Thanks to these regeneration schemes, the Knowledge Quarter is becoming more and more popular with students due to all the new educational and business opportunities, and so student buy-to-let properties are becoming hot investment options.