How much home staging is just enough? Invest wisely to increase profits

Home Staging is your secret weapon to an amazing home sale, if it’s done right

I know that to be true because I’ve been staging homes since 2006. I’ve seen it over and over again…A seemingly unsellable house gets an offer a week or two after we stage it.

The real estate market conditions vary. Today, toward the end of year 2020 and in spite (or, possibly, because of the pandemic), most of the USA and Canada are experiencing low inventory. That means more demand than supply, which creates an advantageous situation for the seller.

But, eventually, the market will correct itself and will become more balanced.

Home staging techniques work beautifully no matter what. In a slow market, they will help you stand out from the competition and bring buyers in. In a hot market, staging your home will bring multiple offers and higher sale price.

So, don’t hesitate and do it!

The staging process

Your challenge is to first assess the current marketability of your home in an objective and critical manner.

Then, you must do some research in order to understand your local market and current competition.

The third step in the process is establishing an effective yet realistic budget to minimize your expenses while maximizing your results.

Once you have an action plan, it’s time to implement it!

The home staging ‘Must Do’s

My signature ABCD method is a simple, step-by-step roadmap to the most efficient staging of your home. The ultimate goal is selling your house quickly and profitably!

One of the things I teach is that just ‘fluffing’ your house isn’t enough for most people. What do I mean?

To put it simply: if your house hasn’t been painted in 20 years, the carpets are dirty and your decor consists of the mismatched pieces gifted to you, buying new curtains and rearranging the furniture won’t do the trick!

My proven strategy includes House Preparation strategies as well as Home Staging strategies to ensure the best WOW factor which will lead to the BEST OFFERS!

So, how much is enough?

The trick is to find the right balance between how much you need/want/can invest into your home staging and the return you’ll get on that investment.

I wish I could give you a magic formula for this but there is none I know of.

I can give you some basic guidelines here, though.

The average amount people invest into the staging seems to be between 0.5% and 1.5% of the property’s market value.

YOUR personal number will depend on several factors, such as the state of your home, your timeframe, your ability to do certain tasks yourself, etc.

You should get clear on what that number should be for your situation. You can do that by determining your home staging budget.

Not just any budget, though My objective for you is to establish an effective yet realistic budget which will help you minimize your investment while maximizing your return.

You can achieve that by going through all of the elements of home preparation and home staging and deciding which ones you need to address. Then, assign money value and a priority level to each task.

When you add everything together, you’ll see whether that number makes sense and is feasible for you. If not, then you must look at the priorities assigned and start taking less important things off the list. The goal is to find the right balance.

If you’d like some extra help with implementing this strategy and figuring out exactly how much home staging is just enough, please join our FB Community below. You’ll find tons of free and paid training, tips and offers in there!

Updated November 15, 2020